The Audubon Society of Portland is starting up a citizen science project to monitor seabird nesting colonies adjacent to the recently designated Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve in order to get an idea of how seabirds may respond to the new protections.  They are looking for volunteers that would be interested in “adopting” a colony and monitor a subset of nests to determine hatching success of chicks.

Study species:  we are targeting near-shore fish eating seabirds (cormorants, Rhinoceros Auklet, Pigeon Guillemot, etc.)
Where:  Heceta Head and Sea Lion Caves (and potentially other seabird colonies in the Cape Perpetua area)
When:  Late April to early August 2014
Minimum commitment:  twice a month (probably a 3-4 hours each visit). We can work with you to make it fit to your schedule.
Other requirements:  a scope, patience, a love for birds!
If this sounds interesting to you please contact Joe Liebezeit  at –