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Highway Cleanup with Florence ORganizes

The Florence Chapter partnered with Florence ORganizes, a non-partisan, inclusive group to help Florence residents stand for their civil rights, for a highway cleanup where they separated the name brand plastics and counted and recorded the information for Greenpeace.
The small but dedicated group collected approximately 100 lbs of trash from a total of 36 brands. The most common item was single-use beverage containers.
Drink brands found: Minute Maid Juice, Dr. Pepper, AquaFina, CocaCola, and Coors.
Plastic film and bags: Dollar Tree, Kraft Corn Nuts, Kroger Chewy Granola Bar, HDX Plastic Sheeting, Sweetwood Cattle Co., US Bakery Fruit Pie, Ray's Bakery, plus many unidentifiable.
Cigarettes: Marlboro, Camel, Winston, L&M