The Siuslaw Estuary Partnership is a collaborative effort funded through an Environmental Protection Agency grant for a partnership between City, State, Federal, and NGO partners to protect water quality in the Florence Dunal Aquafier and Siuslaw Estuary as well as protect and restore fish and wildlife habitat in the Siuslaw estuary and other nearshore influential water bodies and wetlands.

The Siuslaw Chapter of Surfrider Foundation has a seat on the stakeholder advisory panel as the influences of the local estuary have significant effects on the quality and on our enjoyment of the nearshore ocean. Many divers, surfers and other paddlers recreate within the river and estuary during winter months when the sea state is high and ensuring protection of these recreational resources is a primary interest for the chapter’s engagement. Additionally, the chapter seeks to further it’s land-sea connectivity messaging, so that better management decisions can be made in a more multi-faceted ecosystem-based approach. More info on project at

photos courtesy of Siuslaw Estuary Partnership